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xentop and xenstat


I've changed the xenstat_netbsd.c in order to have network statistic in
xentop (file attached). But I don't know how to retrieve per-partition
statistics. In kernel we have statistics for vnd* device (for file
 backend), but I'm unable to find a way to get stat for wd0a or e, f..
Does anybody have an idea ?

I've also rewrite another version of xentop (because I don't like the
current xentop, and its key-bindings), called xtop (imaginative!). file
attached. Need to be in libxenstat directory:

gcc  -o xtop  xtop-beta.c -Wl,-rpath,/usr/pkg/lib  -L. -lxenstat \
        -lcurses -lm

You can see it here: http://jym.free.fr/?page_id=114
There is some bug and it need some work but I prefer it from xentop.

Best regards,

PS: @work, we have a recent corei7 i920 with Intel DX58SO. Xen33 and
NetBSD-current run fine on it! We are happy.

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