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Re: Installing Windows XP in Xen under NetBSD

On Thu, 5 Mar 2009, John Hayward wrote:

I have had varying success with Windows XP and Xen.

Currently I can boot an Windows XP but for some reason shortly after
booting the mouse and keyboard appear to freeze.  The system gets to
the point I can click on the start menu.

        What NetBSD and xen version are you using? I'm running the
        latest netbsd-5 with the latest sysutils/xentools3-hvm

I have:

because at least in earlier versions of xen this seemed to help with mouse

The manual page on xmdomain.cfg appears to be out of date and does not discuss this option.

        Aha - that definitely helps. I had been disabling 'Enhance pointer
        precision' under 'Control Panel' -> 'Mouse' -> 'Pointer Options'
        but no longer :)

        Added a note to the wiki entry - thanks :)


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