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Re: i386 PAE dom0 and PCI pass-through

Manuel Bouyer wrote:
> Hi,
> PCI pass-through is now working in current for both dom0 and domU.
> For dom0 you need xentools3-3.1.4nb4 (someone(TM) should port the
> patch to xentools33 :).

The code base there is very different.
Manuel: I'm currently busy with other tasks like preparing
the xen-workshop. Can you ask Pierre-Emmanuel Le Roux if he will
do that with an OS abstraction layer, please?
In order to bring it upstream, it doesn't have to break Linux.

> Details have been commited to the NetBSD/Xen howto, and should show up
> shortly on the web server.
> In short:
> add 'pciback* at pci?' to your dom0 kernel config
> add pciback.hide=(bb:dd.f) to your dom0 boot parameters (this is the
> same syntax as linux dom0)
> add to domU kernel config:
>   xpci* at hypervisor?
>   pci* at xpci?
>   and required PCI drivers
> add pci = [ '0000:bb:dd.f' ] to the domU's config file
> xm create and enjoy :)
> I also enabled a i386 PAE dom0 kernel in the release builds;
> a netbsd-XEN3PAE_DOM0 kernel should show up in the next HEAD autobuilds.
> Both xenkernel3 (>= 3.1.4nb3) and xenkernel33 provide a PAE hypervisor when
> built on i386 and can be used to boot this dom0 kernel.

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