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Re: how to get ip addresses of all the virtual machine in xen server

> I have the server virtualized by xen.i created 10 virtual machines in
> the server.
> now i am power up 5 virtual machines only.i want to find ip addresses
> of all the power up virtual machines from server.
> how to find it?

This may not be possible even conceptually, depending on exactly what
you want.  For example, what if one of the domUs has not configured any
IP addresses on any of its interfaces?  What if two different domUs
have configured the same address?  (Yes, this can happen; if the
relevant pseudo-interfaces aren't bridged into the same broadcast
domain it can even be useful.)  What if one of them has configured
three different addresses?  The dom0 doesn't (and shouldn't) know any
of that.  It knows the virtual interfaces each domU has, but it doesn't
know anything about how the domUs have them configured, except possibly
by snooping the traffic, and even that won't reveal addresses that are
configured but not seeing any traffic.

In principle, if the dom0 is willing to assume enough about the domU's
OS, it could pry into the domU's internal data structures (via the
hypervisor) to figure this out.  But that would be extremely difficult
to get right and extremely likely to break with the slightest change; I
would not consider doing it except manually for debugging, and even
then I'd go to significant lengths to find some alternative, because
it's so hard to do.

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