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Xen 3.3 News: 3rd release candidate

Since Xen 3.0 more than 10000 changesets went into mainstream, more than
for all releases before. Therefore XenSource first announced, Xen 3.3 will
be Xen 4.0 but then XenSource re-announced, next official version will be
Xen 3.3, because

"The general sentiment, including from the Xen Advisory Board, is that
sticking with 3.3 is a better indication of code maturity than a .0 release."

A third release candidate is available now.

I presented a Xen-unstable package under the topic "Xen 3.3 / 4.0 package for 
trial". An updated version of this packages the third release candidate.

Download http://www.netbsd.org/~cegger/pkgsrc-xen33-18261-1.tar.gz
and extract it in pkgsrc/sysutils.
Install both xenkernel33 and xentools33 packages. Enjoy.


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