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Re: kernel diagnostic assertion in evtchn.c

   On Jun 7, 22:10, Manuel Bouyer wrote:
   > Subject: Re: kernel diagnostic assertion in evtchn.c
   > > Can you look in your kernel binary what functions
   > > 0xc06b7e00 and 0xc04fa890 are ?

c04fa890 T pirq_interrupt
c06b7e00 t xenevt_processevt

   > I think I found it (ih_level wasn't initialized for xenevt_processevt()),
   > should be fixed with xenevt.c 1.28

My reply was late.  I guess you already found it.  ;-)
I'll try new xenevt.c.  Thanks.

-- Kazushi
Test-tube babies shouldn't throw stones.

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