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Re: xen-backend

Jean-Yves Migeon wrote:
Christoph Egger wrote:
I identified the debug printf's that make it work. See attached diff.
Commenting out one of them or both results in *xenbus_create not being called and produces a "Hotplug scripts not working" error.

A comparison of the assembler snippet in xenbus_probe_init:


Anyone seeing the impact ?
Well, I do not see anything suspicious in this assembly? I am perhaps missing something?

Question though: does it fix the bug (*xenbus_create not being called) only by using these printf's, or replacing them with some DELAY(whatever), __insn_barrier() or x86_lfence() has any effect?

__insn_barrier() and x86_mfence() have no effect at all on both printf's.

Both printf's can be replaced with DELAY(31), where 31 is the lowest
possible number. 30 and lower values don't work.


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