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Re: Launching DomU's at Dom0 startup?

None of these will work for me under NetBSD RELEASE 4.0/xenkernel3

Any advice?

Put them in /usr/pkg/etc/xen and set

xendomains=YES; xendomains='machshav yard juniata ns1'

in /etc/rc.conf.

At least, that's what's been working for me...

It is not working for me - I modified my /etc/rc.conf file to only
have xendomains='debian2 windowsxp1'

xend and xenbackendd are starting.

I can start the domains via
xm create windowsxp1

Where should I look at (I don't see xendomains being referenced in xend
or xenbackendd start up scripts) to determine how these are to start?

I have 3.1.2 tools kernel.


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