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Re: domU-current "root device" not found with dom0-4.0_STABLE

On Thu, 13 Mar 2008 08:48:51 am Joel CARNAT wrote:
> From what I remember, I use to set this flags so that NetBSD could see
> the disk correctly - back to early 4.0_BETA if I remember well.
> It is still present in the doc
> http://www.netbsd.org/ports/xen/howto.html#netbsd-domU
> So as you say, that's maybe just a bug|feature of new xen packages.

Yes, I know it is still referenced (hence the mention about the docs) and it 
appears to be more wrong than I thought. Obviously if you were to specify 
anything it should be xbd0a, not wd0a.

That aside, I've never used a 'root=' line except for linux and I've been 
tracking xen3 from very early on. I have this tendency to thin down configs 
as much as possible and went through all the absolutely required lines from 
the get go.

The nbsd/xen domu kernel isn't much different from a normal kernel WRT to 
boot. I believe the kernel now accepts a 'root=' parameter but back when I 
first started playing with xen3, there was no such thing to my knowledge. 
Don't ask me what value the parameter actually needs ...

To my knowledge, the 'root=' line has _always_ been linux specific WRT to xen3 
on nbsd.


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