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Re: xm create failure

On Friday 07 March 2008 12:53:11 Manuel Bouyer wrote:
> Is it a custom kernel ? Next step would be to see where in the kernel
> 0xc0394759 is (use gdb l *(0xc0394759) or disas 0xc0394759),
> and evenrtally do the same for the addresses printed in the stack trace.


It's a stable 4 generic kernel + 2 xen pullups you requested and not commited 

(gdb) disas 0xc0394759
Dump of assembler code for function xpmap_get_bootpte:
0xc0394750 <xpmap_get_bootpte+0>:       push   %ebp
0xc0394751 <xpmap_get_bootpte+1>:       mov    %esp,%ebp
0xc0394753 <xpmap_get_bootpte+3>:       call   0xc03946f0 <xpmap_get_bootptep>
0xc0394758 <xpmap_get_bootpte+8>:       pop    %ebp
0xc0394759 <xpmap_get_bootpte+9>:       mov    (%eax),%eax
0xc039475b <xpmap_get_bootpte+11>:      ret
0xc039475c <xpmap_get_bootpte+12>:      lea    0x0(%esi),%esi
End of assembler dump.

I'll look into stack a little bit later.


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