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recommendations for a Xen/NetBSD box?

After some poking around the wrong list (netbsd-users) I'm after some advice re a Xen server I'm about to build up, I want to be able to run a NetBSD 4.0 domU and a CentOS 5 domU and maybe a couple of others to play with at some point (Opensolaris, mainly), ideally I'd like to use NetBSD as the Dom0 but if that's not the best choice, it doesn't matter that much - stability is more important for the Dom0 I think than a particular allegiance to an O/S version. I guess Xen 3.0 is the most suitable at this time.

I'm looking at using an Intel E8200 CPU (core 2 duo) on a Gigabyte GA-G33M-DS2R (Intel G33 chipset) motherboard with 4GB of RAM and a couple of 500GB SATA II hdds and I want to run the 500's as a RAID1 array so that the DomU's don't need to know anything special, and the Dom0 (or the hypervisor? I'm still getting to terms with how it fits together) looks after the RAID. In an ideal world I'd like to use a ZFS array, but am not sure where OpenSolaris is yet, I'm wary of NetBSD-current (this will be a production server for at least one of the DomU's) and Opensolaris is pretty much bleeding edge I think, and its xen support seems too new to be all that stable, especially if I want to use ZFS for a root filesystem.

My reading of the spec for the E8200 says it supports Intel virtualisation, does this mean that DomU's will be able to run 'raw' eg can I run an instance of a non-Xen aware O/S such as XP etc?

So if you were going to build a Xen server to host a NetBSD 4.0 (i386) production (ie: must be stable!) DomU and a couple of others as development/play domU's, what would you suggest as the Dom0 and what version of Xen should I be looking at?



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