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Re: dom0 and timed

 > Forgive me but does this relate more to the actual time keeping? The
 > main problem I saw was that at some point, ntpd would stop servicing
 > clients and would require a restart. I have a feeling it related to the

    The PLL issue is addressed at "ntp is causing kernel panics".

 > addition and removal of vifs within a dom0. In the end, that may just be

    Very likely.  I don't know what NTP's current story is for dealing
with this better, but historically ntp has done strange things in the
face of interfaces coming and going.  The -I option might help, but
probably not.  I'd like to think they have a story for this common
problem, but I don't know what it is.

    This particular failure mode of the udel ntpd has long been a
favorite advertising point for openbsd's ntp implementation.
Personally, if I couldn't get udel ntp working in a situation, I'd try
openbsd's ntp before going with timed.

 > That I understand but the guide is still pimping timed. I don't doubt
 > you in anyway but it would be nice to know why timed is so useless as a
 > time keeper other than the fact there is now a program that can do
 > everything. TBH I wouldn't even know about timed if it wasnt' for the guide.

    Useless?  Definitely not.  Far from ideal in the face of more
modern timekeeping systems.

 > I guess my question would be, at what point is timed's simplicity
 > detrimental to the time keeping of a network containing 5-6 clients at a
 > time?
 > If you can convince me with information that timed is completely useless
 > (in any area ... accuracy etc), then I'll persist with ntp. I just
 > haven't been able to find any documentation (other than man pages)
 > giving much detail on timed at all.

    Timed's biggest single issue is that it merely aims to keep clocks
synchronized.  This is a very different goal from ensuring that clocks
have the correct time, and tick one second per second.

    NTP will certainly beat timed in accuracy or whatnot, but really
the big difference that any normal person will care about is correct
time vs synchronized time.

    Anyway, I only say anything because you said "timed" and also
something about "timed and ntp", where the latter is certainly a
"don't do that".  Pick one.

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