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current linux kernels with NetBSD dom0?

It appears I can build a linux 2.6.23 kernel from Gentoo's source
distribution to run as a 32-bit non-PAE domU.  However, when I try to
run it under NetBSD, it hangs starting the network, printing out:

        net eth0: backend does not support copying receive path

A look at the Linux source makes this appear to be a fatal error.  What
would we need to do to support this as a dom0?  Without it I don't think
current Linux kernels will run even once coerced to build as non-PAE,
which itself is not a trivial thing to do.

Thor Lancelot Simon
Coyote Point Systems, Inc.                      <tls%coyotepoint.com@localhost>
Millerton, NY, USA

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