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Re: x86 changes

On Friday 21 September 2007 00:41:46 Andrew Doran wrote:
> Hi,
> I just realised that I am not subscribed to this list.. Is anyone willing
> to try a Xen kernel with this patch?
>       http://www.netbsd.org/~ad/x86.diff

In xenfunc.h, you have this:

+       return 0;       /* XXX Why? */

How about this:

#define curvcpu()    (/* Multiprocessor support not yet implemented */)
#define curvcpu()    (0)

#ifdef XEN3
       int v = curvcpu();
       return HYPERVISOR_shared_info->vcpu_info[v].arch.cr2;
       __PRINTK(("XXX rcr2 not supported\n"));
       return 0;

Did you try to run a NetBSD/Xen Dom0 and a NetBSD/Xen DomU ?
Xen emulates some instructions such as rdmsr/wrmsr for Dom0, but not
for DomU.

> Among other things, it:
> - makes the i386 kernel compile with pcc (well almost, a number of files
>   are problematic)
> - reduces amd64 GENERIC.MP kernel by ~130kb, similar for the others I guess
> - makes x86 bus_space and bus_dma more LKM friendly
> - shares a few more files between the x86 ports
> Thanks,
> Andrew

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