Subject: Re: dom0 kernel immediate reboot?
To: Christoph Egger <>
From: Juan RP <>
List: port-xen
Date: 09/14/2007 15:14:30
On Fri, 14 Sep 2007 15:01:59 +0200
Christoph Egger <> wrote:

> Oh, then I must have missed the commit messages.
> Nontheless, OpenBSD's scan_ffs got some improvements in the last two
> years, which are worth to incorporate into NetBSD. Please take a look at
> it again. :)

What improvements are you talking about? check the code that is
available on NetBSD/OpenBSD and tell me, I'm sure that our
scan_ffs(8) is more featureful than the OpenBSD one and at least
doesn't core dump when it reaches the end of the disk, heh.

Is there something that am I missing? you should review your comments before
writing about things that you don't really know, IMHO :-)

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