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Re: serial console for dom0?

On Sat, Dec 30, 2006 at 09:26:58AM -0600, Chris Brookes wrote:
> >I tried adding it to my config file that #includes XEN3_DOM0; com0
> >doesn't show up at probe time.  However -- and for reasons I don't
> >understand -- configuring ttys to turn on /dev/console rather
> >than /dev/tty00 is working properly, in that it's speaking to the com0
> >serial port.  (In a message exchange a few months ago, tjls had
> >suggested the opposite -- that doesn't work here.)
> I don't have com0 defined in my XEN2 Dom 0. My entire Dom 0 works
> through the serial port with just this in the grub config:

oh, i may have misunderstood the original question.  adding the
"com0 ...." line to the dom0 kernel config allows you to use the
serial terminal within the dom0, not to boot from the serial

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