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Debugging Xen3 DOMU


Is there a way to debug XEN3 DOMU kernel? Basically, my XEN3 DOMU kernel is crashing from time to time and I'd like to devote some time to find out the culprit of the crash. I think I know how to debug standard netbsd kernel using kgdb and two machines connected with null modem cable. Can I use same/similar idea to debug XEN3 DOMU? If so, what are the differences comparing to standard netbsd kernel debugging? Or is there a better way of debugging XEN3 DOMU?

Thanks in advance,

PS: I've compiled in ddb (kernel built from sources updated sometime at 2006-12-17 afternoon) and this is a copy&paste from db at a quite a recent crash: db> bt cpu_Debugger(c046b805,ca6beca8,c0c38ee8,c04ecb40,5) at netbsd:cpu_Debugger+0x4 panic(c046a9a7,c04a0d20,1,c0a69644,0) at netbsd:panic+0x155 rtfree(c0a40f00,c0c79410,ca6becdc,c03c7921,c0c38ee8) at netbsd:rtfree+0xd2 in_rtflushall(2,c0c38ee8,ca6bedd4,c0c38ee8,c04bbce0) at netbsd:in_rtflushall+0x6 2
rtrequest1(b,ca6bedd4,ca6bee7c,c0373f5d,ca6bedd4) at netbsd:rtrequest1+0x4ba
rtrequest(b,c04bfbd0,0,0,0) at netbsd:rtrequest+0x4b rtalloc1(c04bfbd0,1,c03a4711,2e,ca6bef4c) at netbsd:rtalloc1+0x165 arplookup(0,0,2e,1,0) at netbsd:arplookup+0x53 in_arpinput(1,0,7ff0,100814,0) at netbsd:in_arpinput+0x372 arpintr(ca6befa8,0,7,ffffffc0,4) at netbsd:arpintr+0x1a8 DDB lost frame for netbsd:Xsoftnet+0x47, trying 0xca6befa4 Xsoftnet() at netbsd:Xsoftnet+0x47 --- interrupt --- --- switch to interrupt stack --- ?(ca000031,11,11,0,0) at 0x1

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