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Re: linux domU's and partitioning

   On Dec 4, 23:58, Sarton O'Brien wrote:
   > Subject: Re: linux domU's and partitioning
   > Has anyone here accomplished this without hvm? I haven't used hvm but
   > I assume it would function in a similar way to using an install kernel.

It is possible to create install kernel for Linux (actually,
it is not the kernel like NetBSD.  It is a ramdisk for
installation).  However, Linux is required to create such
ramdisk.  Bah.

Following page describes how to create ramdisk for Linux
installation for Xen DomU.


I made ramdisk for SUSE Linux 10.1 using this method.  Then,
I could install SUSE Linux 10.1 using this ramdisk,
extracted kernel and a DVD.iso image file into a Linux disk
image file mounted as a drive (0x300) without any problems.

-- Kazushi
The sooner all the animals are dead, the sooner we'll find their
                -- Ed Bluestone, "The National Lampoon"

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