Subject: Re: xen/i386/machdep.c compiler error
To: Quentin Garnier <>
From: Juan RP <>
List: port-xen
Date: 10/15/2006 19:40:40
On Sun, 15 Oct 2006 19:26:45 +0200
Quentin Garnier <> wrote:

> gcc just doesn't randomly segfaults.  The most likely cause of such a
> behaviour really is a hardware problem.  In my experience such issues
> have always come down to that (and it manifested in much, much
> stranger ways sometimes).
> I'm not saying it's the cause, but it's likely enough to have a look
> at it first.  Especially if it appeared as you didn't touch the Xen
> hypervisor in a while.

Maybe I'll try, anyway I'm not convinced because I've built the kernels
on NetBSD/i386 without any problem.

I remember once I had a similar problem with Xen2 and Manuel fixed it.