Subject: Re: Dom0 shutdown hangs
To: Manuel Bouyer <>
From: Ari Suutari <>
List: port-xen
Date: 09/25/2006 10:10:46

Manuel Bouyer wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 22, 2006 at 01:43:04PM +0300, Ari Suutari wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have a netbsd dom0 running 2 * netbsd domU and 1 * debian domU.
>> Ok so far, but when I execute shutdown -r on *dom0* (or just reboot)
>> it just hangs.
> Is it Xen2 or Xen3 ? Also do you have serial console ? If so,
> try '^A^A^A' (tree ^A in a row) and then 'q', and look at the result.
> You can reboot with 'R'.

	It is Xen3. I don't have serial console attached, but I can
	sure attach one.

	Ari S.