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Re: Use of Xen0


On Mon, Feb 20, 2006 at 04:02:42AM -0500, Another BSDer wrote:
> I have used Virtuozzo some.  I know with Virtuozza they say very
> strontly to not use the master vps for running anything in.
> My question is, is the same true with Xen,   should this VPS basically
> just be used as the controller and nothing else, or is it ok to use it
> for running some programs?

The advice is stronly against running applications in dom0.
To be honest, I don't always stick to it, and to stay honest it was a 
bad idea guessing from some of the results.

A panic will tear down the dom0 and all domUs. 
and a panic won't occur unless You mess up while playing quake or doing
bulk pkgsrc bulk builds in Your dom0.



florian heigl                    http://deranfangvomen.de/

Grid Computing erfreut sich gerade bei Windows-Nutzern sehr regem Zuspruch, auch
wenn die Rechnerbesitzer meist nichts von ihrem Glück wissen. --f. weimer

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