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Finally Xening....

It has been on my todo list for awhile now,  but I finally got around
to trying Xen.  I wish I had done this sooner.

I was wondering if  it would make since to ease others installs and
for some advocacy someone (ok, maybe even me)  made available to
http://jailtime.org/ and http://xen-get.org/ a ready to go file system
snapshot of NetBSD.  At 
http://xen-get.org/doku.php?id=imageswishlist, they say they are
wishing for a NetBSD image.  Heck we could even give them the wished
for mysql and postgresql server images as NetBSD ones.   Any
suggestions for changes that should be made to it or would just a
fresh install be best?

Also, the reason I am looking into Xen, is I have three servers that
have been chugging along for years doing my basic networking stuff,
dns, some web pages, email and such. These are still going on an ISDN
leased line I have had for years.  Now with DSL and cable, and the
costs of dedicated servers it just makes sense for me to migrate them
to a data center and the easiest most cost effective way seems to be
with Xen.

None of the Xen providers I found will run NetBSD. So, I need to set
up a server running Xen.   At that point the incremental cost of
adding more RAM and addition XenU's running is not that much.  Is
anyone interested in sharing some of the costs and having a XenU
instance running at a data center?

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