Subject: Re: NetBSD/Xen Howto
To: Oliver Oli <>
From: Manuel Bouyer <>
List: port-xen
Date: 01/10/2006 11:22:27
On Mon, Jan 09, 2006 at 05:45:21PM +0100, Oliver Oli wrote:
> Hello,
> I consulted the NetBSD/Xen Howto for installing Xen and NetBSD dom0. It 
> was not straight forward. First I couldn't figure out where to get 
> NetBSD-XENU kernel (maybe because I'm a NetBSD newbie).

Yes, this needs to be updated to point to a the NetBSD release and NetBSD-daily

> Biggest problem was the example /grub/menu.lst. The root=/dev/hda1 
> parametes are useless, root= does not work with NetBSD and /dev/hda1 
> makes no sense for NetBSD either. But it suggests that you can use a 
> root filesystem on another disk than wd0, which is not possible with 
> grub and NetBSD (without compiling a customized kernel).

NetBSD uses bootdev= . I'm not sure why it's different from linux, I'll
have to look at this. If possible I'll change it to root=

> (hd0,a) gets understood by grub as a bsd partition, but i would use 
> (hd0,0,a) for the example.

I can't see what it gains us. We already did a root(hd0,0) just before.
It just makes more places to change if the NetBSD paritition is not 0.

> I have a working NetBSD/Xen and can run Linux Domains. I hope someone 
> can help me with my last problem: network configuration. The NetBSD/Xen 
> host should have the IP and the Linux guest Is 
> this possible? Tried it, but I get no ping. Do I have to setup bridge0 
> first? (no idee how this works with NetBSD). I thought the vif-bridge 
> script configures a bridge interface automatically.

the script will add the xfiv interface to the bridge, but the bridge has
to exists first. See the man page bridge(4) for details.
You can just create /etc/ifconfig.bridge0 with:
!brconfig $int add ex0 up

(remplace ex0 with the name if your physical interface). Then bridge0 will
be created on boot, and starting domains will add them to the bridge
automatically. You can see the state of the bridge with brconfig bridge0

Manuel Bouyer <>
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