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NetBSD/Xen Howto


I consulted the NetBSD/Xen Howto for installing Xen and NetBSD dom0. It was not straight forward. First I couldn't figure out where to get NetBSD-XENU kernel (maybe because I'm a NetBSD newbie).

Biggest problem was the example /grub/menu.lst. The root=/dev/hda1 parametes are useless, root= does not work with NetBSD and /dev/hda1 makes no sense for NetBSD either. But it suggests that you can use a root filesystem on another disk than wd0, which is not possible with grub and NetBSD (without compiling a customized kernel).

(hd0,a) gets understood by grub as a bsd partition, but i would use (hd0,0,a) for the example.

I have a working NetBSD/Xen and can run Linux Domains. I hope someone can help me with my last problem: network configuration. The NetBSD/Xen host should have the IP and the Linux guest Is this possible? Tried it, but I get no ping. Do I have to setup bridge0 first? (no idee how this works with NetBSD). I thought the vif-bridge script configures a bridge interface automatically.

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