Subject: Re: NetBSD and Xen 2.0 -- SUCCESS
To: None <>
From: TLD <>
List: port-xen
Date: 12/12/2004 23:55:00
TLD wrote:
> It's a (freshly reinstalled) vanilla 2.0 with the updated
> ( with the kernel padded to be size%4=0

I tried this once more, on real hardware, and it's a success indeed.
However, I have a problem: the network on the physical machine (the card is
a Realtek 8139) does not work. Interesting fact, the xennet0 interface has
an network address (or what's the name) of aa:00:00:00:00:00.
The VMWare version, however, works no problem.
Could use some pointers here! :|

Here's what I did:
Installed a NetBSD-i386 2.0 (official) from scratch on a whole disk (only
one partition, and it's NetBSD. wd0b is 512mb, wd0f and wd0g are 512mb
each, in /mnt/x1 and /mnt/x2; mounted but unused).
Installed grub, xen12 and xentools12 from pkgsrc
unpacked the NetBSD 2.0 syssrc
updated /src/sys/arch/xen/stand/xen12load/xenload.h by downloading the file
from cvsweb, version
built xen12load
built kernel XEN (unmodified), padded to size%4=0 (in my case, it was 2
bytes less)
installed and configured grub as per instructions in
Reboot and voila! It's booting.

What's different from the other tries:
1) Using the whole disk. Earlier I was using a smaller partition
2) Compiling the xen12load. Earlier I was using the LiveCD's version.

No other patching nor serial console were made.

Happy fiddling :)

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