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Xen's clock drifts by about 1.3 seconds per hour?

I'm using ntpdate run from cron to keep domain0's clock in sync on my
NetBSD/xen host.

Check this out:

Jul 17 05:10:07 schreber ntpdate[2648]: step time server offset 
1.401913 sec
Jul 17 06:10:11 schreber ntpdate[2716]: step time server offset 
1.331952 sec
Jul 17 07:10:10 schreber ntpdate[2718]: step time server offset 
1.349363 sec
Jul 17 08:10:06 schreber ntpdate[2892]: step time server offset 
1.336152 sec
Jul 17 09:10:06 schreber ntpdate[2601]: step time server offset 
1.361529 sec
Jul 17 10:10:16 schreber ntpdate[1298]: step time server offset 
1.328597 sec
Jul 17 11:10:06 schreber ntpdate[3023]: step time server offset 1.34
1949 sec
Jul 17 12:10:05 schreber ntpdate[1395]: step time server offset 
1.344900 sec

Gee, that's an awfully consistent error.  Do we and the hypervisor have a
slight disagreement about the timer frequency?

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