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Re: ATA bus/drives order?


On Sun, May 09, 2004 at 03:22:29AM +0900, FUKAUMI Naoki wrote:
> # When I saw Xen boot message (like a linux dmesg) with my eyes, Xen
> # seems to be able to detect both DVD-ROM and S-ATA HDD in this order.

Maybe it recognizes the disk but doesn't know how to control the controller.
FWIW, the IDE code inside Xen 1.2 seems to be from an early 2.4 Linux version,
I had some success adding UDMA support for a couple of chipsets by using
files from Linux 2.4.17.

> Both (all) NetBSD/xen and NetBSD/i386 kernel report wd0's size correctly.
> Below is NetBSD/xen dmesg in S-ATA compatible mode.
> # In S-ATA native mode, only wd0/cd0 order is different (swapped).
> # wd0 capacity is reported correctly.

yes, that correct:  Xen will present the devices to domain0 in the order
that it probed them (well actually, in the order that the device's driver
has been assigned a major number in Linux).  From what you reported, the
S-ATA devices are probed after the regular IDE devices and thus get
presented to domain0 later.


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