Subject: SL811HS/T
To: None <>
From: Tetsuya Isaki <>
List: port-x68k
Date: 08/11/2002 23:36:24
Hi all,

I've just commited slhci(4), the driver for ScanLogic
SL811HS/T USB Host Controller.  For x68k users, it
supports USB port of Nereid USB/Ethernet/Memory board.
For ISA bus users, some ISA USB boards are available.

However, it's highly experimental yet.
These are current status:
 - control transfers seem good.
 - interrupt transfers seem good.
 - bulk transfers are NOT supported yet.
 - isochronous transfers are NOT supported yet.

 - root hub is a bit unstable.
 - attaching the device to the root hub seems good.
 - detaching the device from the root hub needs praying :)

 - low speed devices via external hubs are NOT supported,
   due to bug in the chip (rev1.2).
 - low speed devices directly connected to the root hub are
   NOT supported yet.

 - not well tested for ISA.

So adventurers or braves are welcome.
Tetsuya Isaki < />