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Re: issues with netbsd-8 and simh-vax

I looked at boot yesterday, there may be a simple fix to make it work again.

In the crash below, I would assume that it is something in qtmatch that cause it to fail.
Can you try to disable the qt driver?

-- R

Den 2018-03-10 kl. 23:56, skrev matthew green:
thanks.  it is kernel size.

however, when i made the kernel smaller, netbsd-8 still
fails for me:

NetBSD 8.0_BETA (GENERIC) #9: Sat Mar 10 03:02:05 PST 2018
MicroVAX 3800/3900
total memory = 65468 KB
avail memory = 60084 KB
mainbus0 (root)
cpu0 at mainbus0: KA655, CVAX microcode rev 6 Firmware rev 83
lance at mainbus0 not configured
uba0 at mainbus0: Q22
r0=86662044 r1=00000000 r2=801a9973 r3=801a9973 r4=00000000 r5=00000000 r6=8022ed00 r7=86662040
r8=0000e040 r9=800144e2 r10=802b2c74 r11=801d55c8
ap=802b2c30 fp=802b2c10 sp=00000000 pc=8017d091
panic: SEGV in kernel mode: pc 0x8017d091 addr 0x31035308
Stopped in pid 0.1 (system) at  netbsd:vpanic+0xce:     pushl   $4%
db> bt
panic: SEGV in kernel mode: pc 0x8017d091 addr 0x31035308
Stack traceback :
0x802b2a9c: vpanic+0xce(0x801a57eb,0x802b2b3c)
0x802b2abc: snprintf+0x0(0x801a57eb,0x8017d091,0x31035308)
0x802b2af0: setregs+0x0(0x802b2bc0)
0x802b2bc0: trap type=0x8 code=0x31035308 pc=0x8017d091 psl=0x0
0x802b2b8c: ether_output+0x15f(0x83f7f900,0x8022ed00,0x802b2c74)
0x802b2c10: config_match+0x23(0x83f7f900,0x8022ed00,0x802b2c74)
0x802b2c44: ubasearch+0x79(0x83f7f900,0x8022ed00,0,0)
0x802b2c98: mapply+0x1e(0x802b2d04,0x8022ed00)
0x802b2cdc: config_search_loc+0x99(0x8001c764,0x83f7f900,0x801a996f,0,0)
0x802b2d20: config_search_ia+0x18(0x8001c764,0x83f7f900,0x801a996f,0)
0x802b2d68: uba_attach+0x7f(0x83f44c48,0x20000000)
0x802b2d94: qba_attach+0x151(0x83f7fc00,0x83f7f900,0x802b2eb8)
0x802b2dc8: config_attach_loc+0x101(0x83f7fc00,0x8022edd8,0,0x802b2eb8,0x8001685a)
0x802b2e08: config_found_sm_loc+0x3a(0x83f7fc00,0,0,0x802b2eb8,0x8001685a,0)
0x802b2e54: config_found+0x17(0x83f7fc00,0x802b2eb8,0x8001685a)
0x802b2e94: mainbus_attach+0x60(0,0x83f7fc00,0)
0x802b2ed0: config_attach_loc+0x101(0,0x8022eb68,0,0,0)
0x802b2f08: config_rootfound+0x2c(0x801a1f4e,0)
0x802b2f50: cpu_configure+0x14(void)
0x802b2f78: main+0x326(void)
0x802b2fa4: _start+0x234(0x4013d8)


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