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Re: gcc vax bug in built-in ffs function/displacement indexed addressing

>> I dug out my transcription of EL-00032-00-decStd32_Jan90.pdf.  3.3,
>> BIT-FIELD INSTRUCTIONS, says that the base address "is obtained from
>> an operand of address access type", but I have so far completely
>> failed to find any clear statement of what operand size is used for
>> bit-field operands.
> My VAX architecture handbook says that the operand type of that operand is "$

Doh!  So does mine.

              opcode startpos.rl, size.rb, base.vb, {field.rv}, findpos.wl

I can only infer I was looking at the implicit field.rv operand.

> So yes, that looks like a wrong code bug.  Perhaps the code generator just h$

If so, it's probably worth checking the other bitfield instructions

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