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Re: Building current

>> I speculate that it could fix this to just s/%1/%D1/ here.

> I did the below patch (changing all occurances of ashq) and it seems
> to work well, my test program from yesterday now [looks good]

Oh, good!

> Would you like to send the patch upstream or do you want me to handle
> that?

I'd rather someone other than me do it, both because I have only
relatively old gccs to send patches based on and because most
software's bug-reporting systems, these days, demand the use of the
Web, which is something I will not tolerate.  (The latter may not
actually be an issue in gcc's case; I don't know.)

I'm satisfied just knowing I managed to guess right, at least mostly,
based on just a a brief poking around in a part of gcc I've never dug
into before. ^_^  (Well, that plus you and presumably me having a
less-buggy toolchain now.)

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