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ed to isntall NetBSD-6.1_RC2 on a VS3100 M38

I've got some Vaxstations lately and today I've tried to install
NetBSD-6.1_RC2 on a VS3100M38 with 24Mbytes of RAM.
Disk is an IBM DCAS 34330, 4Gbyte.

I can do what I want, the install.ram is crashing while labeling the disk,
regardless if I have overwritten the disk with zeros before ot not.

This is the last screen:

     Status: Command ended on signal
    Command: disklabel -w -r -f /tmp/disktab sd0 'DCAS-34330     '
     Hit enter to continue
uid 0, pid 7, command disklabel, on /: file system full

/: write failed, file system is full
pid 7 (disklabel): user write of 9272@0x1a2000 at 67912 failed: 28


I had all kinds of similar errors in the tris before that, illegal
instrcutions and so on.

The disk is ok, OpenBSD is running fine on that beast and I'm unable to
install more RAM as the two boards that are currently in that machine to
get more than 24MB.

What is the right way to install NetBSD on such a M38?

Kind Regards,

      Technik Service u. Handel Tiffe, www.tsht.de, Holm Tiffe, 
     Freiberger Straße 42, 09600 Oberschöna, USt-Id: DE253710583
  www.tsht.de, info%tsht.de@localhost, Fax +49 3731 74200, Mobil: 0172 8790 741

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