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VS3100 M76 Memory Question

I'm currently have 16MB of Memory in the VS3100 M76, that are
some big double sided Modules, have four of them.
I can't look what kind it is, the machine is currently reformatting the

In a antistatic bag I've got 8 pcs  additionally:

* 54-19145-AU * *A01* * AY33801071 *

"4 MEG MEM" is etched in the boards, a DIGITAL Logo and 5019144-01 also.

Should they work in the M76?
I've tested them, two of them seemed to work flawlessly, more is making all
kind of trouble, eg. Test repeating until "B" and than reboot loop at startup.

What is this for Memory? I don't think that they are all bad ...

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