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Re: ld assertion failures building NetBSD-VAX with GCC 4.5

I recently booted up my VS4000/90 to play with NetBSD. The CPU seems a
bit faster than my Amiga 3000 with WarpEngine 40MHz 68040) and it has
the benefit that it can do a complete build without failing, while my
Amiga has some intermittent RAM or bus corruption that causes random
GCC build failures every few days (especially frustrating when it
takes 4-5 hours for an incremental build to proceed to the point where
the previous build crashed). The SCSI controller is slower than the
Amiga (it appears to be limited to 6.25MB/s transfers) and the
Ethernet seems a bit slower as well, but the VS4000 is quite solid.

I've noticed that the VAXstation 4000/60 was around the speed of an m68040 system and that while the 4000/90a was noticeably faster than an m68040, it wasn't quite as fast as an m68060. It's still a pretty impressive machine considering its age.

Has there been any progress with making gcc 4.5.x happier with VAX?


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