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Re: VAX RPB (Restart Parameter Block)

>>> What does this blbc instruction?
>> branch if low bit clear. branches if bit 0 is clear.
> Hmm, yes, googled that already, wanted more to know if there is a
> offset involved or so or if r11 must really set to 0xffea01, the
> address of that "SLU Available" thing, or to 0xffea00, the address of
> the cpmbx.

Well, 1001(r11) means the address of the operand (meaning its low byte,
since it's a longword) is the value in r11 plus 1001.  That line came
from my disassembler, so the offset (1001) is in hex.

So if the SLU-available bit is at ffea01, r11 would need to hold ffda00
for that to be what it's accessing.

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