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Re: internal compiler error

On Jan 18, 2013, at 1:10 PM, Holm Tiffe wrote:

> romanis%gmx.ch@localhost wrote:
>> hello again,
>> in order to track down a internal compiler error, i've tried to simplify a 
>> source file, until i have a minimal piece of code.
>> unfortunatly it's not as easy as i expected :-(
>> the source code i use will generate a internal compiler error, if i compile 
>> it with -O1. But if i remove another line (which can be completly irrelevant 
>> for the logic) it will compile cleanly.
>> i've uploaded my attempt to:
>> http://ec2-54-228-13-95.eu-test-1.compute.amazonaws.com/test.c
> [..]
> A guy from the netherlands reported me that this link is dead (server not
> found) and asked if I can report this...

I think the best way to report problems like this is to follow the problem 
reporting procedure for GCC (see gcc.gnu.org).  That means logging the bug in 
the GCC bugz, with a .i file (preprocessor output) that reproduces the issue.  
That's much more reliable than pointing to random external web sites, and helps 
the maintainer trying to find and fix the problem.


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