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Re: KA650 Docs?

On 2013-01-17 10:25, Holm Tiffe wrote:
Hi.. here I'm again with the same thing as before..

I need a programming manual (or such) for the KA650 since I must find out
what the ominous memory at 0x20080000 which holds the "misc internal CPU
regs) want's to do at all to fake this for the rtVAX.

Did you ever consider looking at bitsavers before asking?


I'm stumbling over this every time in the interrupt code, cache config, IPL
changes and so on... regardless if it is a KA650 or a VS2000 or whatever.

ka650.h: #define KA650_MERR      0x20080000

For example from ka650.c:

struct  ka650_merr *ka650merr_ptr;
struct  ka650_cbd *ka650cbd_ptr;
struct  ka650_ssc *ka650ssc_ptr;
struct  ka650_ipcr *ka650ipcr_ptr;
int     *KA650_CACHE_ptr;
          * MicroVAX III: We map in memory error registers,
          * cache control registers, SSC registers,
          * interprocessor registers and cache diag space.
         ka650merr_ptr = (void *)vax_map_physmem(KA650_MERR, 1);
         ka650cbd_ptr = (void *)vax_map_physmem(KA650_CBD, 1);
         ka650ssc_ptr = (void *)vax_map_physmem(KA650_SSC, 3);
         ka650ipcr_ptr = (void *)vax_map_physmem(KA650_IPCR, 1);
         KA650_CACHE_ptr = (void *)vax_map_physmem(KA650_CACHE,



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