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Re: PostScript revolution - was Re: Perfboard computers, VAX and others - Re: About support for rtVAX300

On 14/01/13 9:40 PM, Toby Thain wrote:
...  From 1992 I worked in a
reproduction house (probably the last with substantial bench staff) that
had invested hugely in non-PostScript digital Crosfield gear (drum
scanners, real time drum recorders) and Crosfield's digital colour
separation software.

Crosfield had a "PostScript bridge" but due to the nature of Crosfield's
primitives, it had dire limitations. My job was to run the
pure-PostScript side of the business,

Since this sounds a bit misleading, to clarify: I was not in the *business* side, but in charge of PostScript *production* department.



Those were fun.

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