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Re: About support for rtVAX300

arcarlini%iee.org@localhost wrote:

> Holm Tiffe [holm%freibergnet.de@localhost] wrote:
> > Don't call me penetrant, bu what the heck ist that RPB, where
> > it is located and how the kerenel accesses it? I read
> > something about RPB or faked PRB, but it isn't so that there
> > where any comment that maked me know more now..
> The Restart Parameter Block (RPB) is a structure set up by the console
> before it passes control to whatever has booted.
> So it's basically something that the console should have set up: it's
> part of the standard way of booting any VAX.
> I assume that the rtVAX 300 console would have set up the RPB and
> supplied a pointer as part of the boot process.
> Antonio
> arcarlini%iee.org@localhost

I've searched in that hardware manual for rpb and found out, that the
console code supports a F[ind]/RPB, trieed it:

rtVAX 300 V1.2


>>> f/rpb


Since we now know, that I have 4M*32 Bit what pretty much calculate to
16Mbyte I let be the investigations on this one for now..

(Yes, it works out that I've sometimes an idiot)


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