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Re: About support for rtVAX300

A few questions below, as I have a hard time following what you actually have done...

On 2013-01-12 23:53, Holm Tiffe wrote:

I'm no on that point, weher I should be able to talk with the UART.

The machine boots int my (incomplete) scncnprobe().

scncnprobe(struct consdev *cn)

//static  vaddr_t dz_regs;

         extern vaddr_t iospace;
         vaddr_t * du_base;
         int diagcons;
         paddr_t ioaddr = 0x20100000;
         extern const struct cdevsw scn_cdevsw;

         switch(vax_boardtype) {
         case VAX_BTYP_RT300:
                 diagcons = 0;
                 cn->cn_pri = CN_DEAD;
         if (diagcons)
                 cn->cn_pri = CN_REMOTE;
                 cn->cn_pri = CN_NORMAL;
         cn->cn_dev = makedev(cdevsw_lookup_major(&scn_cdevsw), diagcons);
         du_base = (void *)iospace;
         ioaccess(iospace, ioaddr, 1);


...and finally halts at bottom.
I've used that dz_vsbus.c as example and this is the very first call
to my driver.
The UART in this moment should be still poper initialized from the ROM
code, so writing to this Transmit buffer at 0x2010000c should print out
the char 'B'.

I assume what you see is that it comes to the halt, but nothing is printed on the console, right?

Check your assignment to iospace in your code... :-)
(I hope you do understand what you are doing...)

I've tried the way with vax_map_physmem at 0x20100000 too (which should be
a page boundary) but I don't have any luck with that.
I get no Trap or some such, the machine properly halts..

I'm not sure what you mean you did?


vax_cpudata: a000006
vax_cputype: a
vax_boardtype: a000000
vax_boardtype(sie): a000009
fromnet: 1

NetBSD/vax boot [1.11 (Thu Jan  3 17:33:22 CET 2013)] <<
Press any key to abort autoboot 5
SGEC: Ethernet address 00:00:f8:50:93:14
Trying BOOTP
Using IP address:
myip: rtvax (
root addr= path=/data/home/exports/rtvax

     PC = 800F2161

  .text          0x800f1e8c     0x1d07 scn.o
                 0x800f1f78                scn_match
                 0x800f1fc4                scninit
                 0x800f1fce                scncnpollc
                 0x800f1fd4                scncnputc
                 0x800f203e                scncnreinit
                 0x800f2058                scncninit
                 0x800f20ec                scncnprobe
                 0x800f2638                scnparam
                 0x800f2798                scnopen
                 0x800f2c74                scntty
                 0x800f2cba                scnpoll
                 0x800f2d22                scnwrite
                 0x800f2d8a                scnread
                 0x800f2df2                scncngetc
                 0x800f2e34                scnhwiflow
                 0x800f2eaa                scnstop
                 0x800f2ed8                scnstart
                 0x800f2fae                scnioctl
                 0x800f3216                scn_attach
                 0x800f365e                scnclose

...any further hints?

Yes, be more careful and observant when you write your code. :-)


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