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Re: About support for rtVAX300

On Sat, 12 Jan 2013 07:59:54 +0100
Holm Tiffe <holm%freibergnet.de@localhost> wrote:

> there is no ka42A or B in that code (are they supported at all?)
The VAXstation 3100m30 (KA42-A) is supported for well over a decade.
The VAXserver 3100 (KA41-B) is basicly the same machine without
graphics. KA41-E is a VAXserver 3100 with CVAX+. The KA42-B variants
are nearly identical, but feature a faster CVAX+ CPU. (90 ns versus
60 ns cycle time.) That is why NetBSD treats them all as VAX_BTYP_420.

The next generation is the Rigel CPU as used in KA43-A (VAXstation
3100m76), KA670 (VAX4000m300) and KA64A (VAX6400).

VAX hardware reference:

To maximize confusion: KA42 variatnts have similarity to the KA410 of
the previous generation (UVII / VAXstation 2000). Thats why you can
find CVAX stuff in vax/ka410.c...

Sorry, I lost where you are and where you have been. Too many mails
overflowing my brain. ;-)
There are some global variables, have a look at the end of
They are used to encode various aspects of the hardware. Thay are setup
in vax/findcpu.c and influence things like autoconf(9)... In many
places information from these variables is taken for hardware
configuration, not only CPU chip or boardtype. But most likely you have
been there already.



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