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Re: rtVAX300 .. need help..

Mouse wrote:

> > 3. at first I need to make the kernel print out something.
> I thought you already did this, by calling back into the ROMs?  Or am I
> confused?  I'll assume I'm confused, that all the output you've got
> working comes from bootblocks rather than the kernel.

No, this is the hacked up standalone boot loader that is printing something
and this thing is loading the kernel over the ethernet. For this loader I've
used the rom routines. After the loading the booted kernel simply halts,
b'cause it don't support the CPU type. This is expected, haven't build my
own kernel jet. 

> "First make it work, then make it better."  In this case, I would say
> this means hack together a polled-only console device that blindly
> assumes it's on an rtVAX300 and pokes the 2681 directly.  Hack and
> slash on the code as much as necessary - you can always go back to what
> you started with if necessary.  Get _something_ working this way.  Once
> you have kernel output of some kind, _then_ worry about backing out the
> worst of the damage you've done and making a real 2681 driver work.

Lets see, I've looked closer at the sgimips scn driver yesterday evening,
there only few things left to work on. (besides of that I have to check
the entire SCN-register adressing)

cc1: warnings being treated as errors
../../../../arch/vax/rtv/scn.c: In function 'scn_attach':
../../../../arch/vax/rtv/scn.c:935: warning: implicit declaration of function 
../../../../arch/vax/rtv/scn.c: In function 'scnclose':
../../../../arch/vax/rtv/scn.c:1213: warning: implicit declaration of function 
../../../../arch/vax/rtv/scn.c:1213: error: 'hz' undeclared (first use in this 
../../../../arch/vax/rtv/scn.c:1213: error: (Each undeclared identifier is 
reported only once
../../../../arch/vax/rtv/scn.c:1213: error: for each function it appears in.)
../../../../arch/vax/rtv/scn.c: In function 'scncnreinit':
../../../../arch/vax/rtv/scn.c:1893: warning: implicit declaration of function 

The MIPS_PHYS_TO_KSEG1() is to be changed to vax_map_physmem(), from the first
I get an pointer, the last gives an unsigned long (vaddr_t). I've already
changed that in the init function.

I haven't looked at that cpu_intr_establish stuff, sure, this will be
totally different and I will have to ask later...

At first I would have it to compile. There is more to look at..
> If my own experience is any indication, once you get something working
> you'll find you can undo three-quarters of the hackery you did for
> experiments.

Yes, it's likly that I'll drop the whole rtbus stuff later and will use
If I remember correctly I saw thae if_ze driver assigned directly to the
mainbus also, maybe I can do this in a similar way with the scn driver.


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