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Re: rtVAX300 .. need help..

Roger Ivie wrote:

> As I mentioned, I have a static-zapped CVAX from the prototype run
> of the rtVAX 300 hanging in my cubicle at work. Here are the numbers
> stamped on the thing:
> 21-24674-15
> DEC 580B
> 78034-GA
> (C) (R) DEC 1988
> B434-72 A 8923
> Which checks out as being a CVAX capable of a 60 ns cycle time.
> On Mon, 7 Jan 2013, Holm Tiffe wrote:
> >What the heck is thisr:
> >
> >#define KA49_SCSIMAP    0x27000000 /* KA49 SCSI SGMAP */
> Just like it says, that would be the scatter/gather map for the
> SCSI interface.
> A scatter/gather map is like an MMU for a DMA device; it allows
> the DMA device to map between addresses convenient to it and
> physical addresses. I've forgotten everything I used to know
> about the 53C94, so I don't remember how DMA works.
> -- 
> roger ivie
> rivie%ridgenet.net@localhost

Ok, so I'll leave this Mapping as it is, not for the ISA300 board where I'm
currently working, but for the VME Board that has SCSI..

Are there further hints what I should do with this VS_REGS mapping?
Is it normal for an VAX CPU or for the CVAX to have memory mapped
registers? Why are VAX49 and VAX53 are using an different address?

#if VAX49 || VAX53
        case VAX_BTYP_53:
        case VAX_BTYP_49:
                sc->sc_vsregs = vax_map_physmem(0x25c00000, 1);
                sc->sc_intreq = (char *)sc->sc_vsregs + 12;
                sc->sc_intclr = (char *)sc->sc_vsregs + 12;
                sc->sc_intmsk = (char *)sc->sc_vsregs + 8;
                vsbus_dma_init(sc, 8192);

..0x25c00000 instead of 0x20080000 like all the other exiting VAXen?
I wrote already phys 0x20080000 is ROM on the ISA300 rtVAX Board, not the
boot or console ROM but the user Application ROM with VAXELN in there.

What should I do with this?

Comon guys, don't let me alone here ...
I know you are all here looking what happens but "without a little help
from my friends.."



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