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Compiling the vax port with pcc

I have just compiled NetBSD/vax 6 beta with pcc on a 4000/90.
It is much faster than gcc (4.1.3), what takes a minute on gcc takes a second or two with pcc.

I haven't added so much vax optimizations yet, and (almost) no addressing mode matching,
so the resulting code is around 15% bigger than with gcc.

To compile I just did
% make CC=pcc USETOOLS=never NETBSDSRCDIR=/home/ragge/vaxsrc/60beta TOOL_TIC=/usr/bin/tic

There were a few problems;
* A c bug in the gcc code that gcc did not notice but pcc bailed out. It is fixed in later gcc. * NetBSD makefiles uses $(CC) to link c++ files, so -lgcc_eh must be added th pcc lib list. * The vax port misses some C90/C99 library functions in libm. gcc has them as builtins when given -std=gnu99, so it's usually not noticed. These should be added to libm.

To compile something fetch the latest pcc. Cross-compiling is currently not a good idea due to
the floating point difference.  This will be fixed in a future pcc version.

There are no doubt bugs; I haven't tried to boot a kernel yet, but it might work :-)

-- Ragge

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