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Re: Installing NetBSD into SIMH VAX

On 7 July 2012 03:45, Gregg Levine <gregg.drwho8%gmail.com@localhost> wrote:
> Hello!
> It seems that whatever was broken inside the installer for the 5
> series for NetBSD has been fixed within the Beta2 for NetBSD-6. I
> succeeded with regards to being able to install the OS into a disk
> image.
> My next step with this will be to boot the newly installed arrangement
> and seeing what happens next. If this works I might be convinced to
> use that to create the next release for Beta3 if such an animal
> exists.

There have been a few VAX related changes in netbsd-6 since BETA2. The
latest nightly build of the netbsd-6 tree (all architectures,
including install iso images is available in

- polyd/polyf macro fix (sin() now works
- enable wsfb X server (work still needed on X keyboard & mouse)
- GENERIC now supports multiple wscons displays
- Add racd* devices for MSCP based CD-ROM drives, plus sysinst will use
- Increase MAXPARTITIONS for vax from 8 to 16
- Add dmesg and dhcpcd to vax install, and enable dhcpcd

Just in case :)

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