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Re: CD drives on vax

On Wed, 20 Jun 2012 14:45:35 +0100
David Brownlee <abs%absd.org@localhost> wrote:

> what do CD drives
> show up as in practice? Both ra* and cd* ?
It depends how the CD drive is connected. On VAXstations with SCSI, a
SCSI conected CD drive shows up as cd(4) as usual. Most likely simh is
emulating a QBus VAX. So drives are connected via a MSCP QBus adapter.
These disks show up as ra(4). In this case the CD looks to the VAX like
a read only hard disk. It even doesn't know that it is a CD drive. The
same when you connect a CD drive via a MSCP emulation SCSI host adapter
to a QBus VAX. MSCP mass storage, regardless of CD or hard disk, shows
up as ra(4).



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