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Re: VAXstation VLC, anyone?


Quite a few people wrote to me offering a VLC, and for that I am grateful. I should mention why I'm looking for it just in case anyone has issues about what will eventually happen with it.

I got an offer for indefinite power and bandwidth for a 1U machine. While a VLC isn't very fast in general, it's the only VAX I know of which could possibly fit in a 1U case. I've never heard of anything like a 1U VAX, so I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to have a VAX for testing NetBSD and for occasional compiling.

I'll be using this with a SCSI-IDE adapter and a 32 gig CompactFlash card, so I think it'll be extremely reliable.

I've already made a 1U Amiga:


So if you're Ok with the idea of the machine being gutted to build a 1U VAX, I can assure you it'll get very good use.

John Klos

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