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Re: PIC question

der Mouse wrote:
        jmp     .Loop(%r5)
[produces an error in a .so]
        jmp     .Loop[%r5]
Hmm, so deferring won't work, but indexing will?  That sounds
weird...  Is that some limitation on gas then?

On the dynamic linker.


I realize I keep falling back into PDP-11 thinking, time and again forgetting the subtle ways that the VAX is different... I've been working way too much with the PDP-11 the last few years...

Making some progress on my lost interrupt issues though. Occasionally mi_siwtch() will switch to a process while staying at IPL_SCHED. That is obviously not a good thing. I'm starting to suspect it might be in connection to page faults and pages paged in. I should really test a few things on something else than a Unibus-machine though. It might be some problem related to the MSCP device driver...

Still searching. If anyone would be interested in helping me figure this out, please contact me...


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