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Good day!

Aloha, my gentleman!

I’ll let you go to the whims of fate...
If I were to kiss your luscious lips and drink of them their wine I will love you more and ask you to be mine. If you were to hold me in your arms and rock me off to sleep, I will lay there all night long. I'll say that "I am yours to keep." We will be blessed with a love that will shine... I don’t know what to say... But I will always be here togetherandforever.com/fantasyfeel/ when you need me... To say that I love you... I will see the beauty in your smile and happiness in your eyes and it will make me happy too! Now... that you don't belong to me I am still hoping... We will be together...
When the right time comes I will just be right here... Waiting  for you
to be mine... Always thinking you should be mine...

Waiting for your mail
Uliya S.

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