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Re: more on proff crash building native

Brad Parker wrote:
> "David Brownlee" wrote:
>> Whats next on the list, bootblocks? :)
> sort of :-)  full install from tape.  seems very broken right now for 11/7xx.
Hm, I once did an installation (1.2? 1.3?) so that the install system was split 
like 8 256k pieces, and then an 11/750 could be installed from TU58.  I think 
same could be done for RX01 in 11/780, but I never tried that.

Simpler was to do a netinstall by just loading boot from tape or floppy, at 
a driver for DEUNA is in the boot program.

MicroVAXen could boot from TK50 and install.

-- Ragge

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